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Male stripper Tommy Harvey

November 25, 2018

Male stripper Tommy Harvey from Australia is one of the most experienced male dancers of our time he has performed in over 20 different countries with a variety of male strip shows, and recently worked in Las Vegas with a male revue “Aussie heat”. Read the story about how it all started and hes way to success in the industry.

Tell me a little bit about your self and what made you start as a male stripper?

I started initially because i was broke, living by myself halfway across the world from family and friends. I was living in Brighton, UK. I was working minimum wage as a bartender, and after a night of cleaning up vomit in the bathroom and enduring abuse from patron’s i decided i needed to change my life dramatically. I have always loved performing, acting and entertaining so I figured I’d try my hand at male stripping. I knew i would be earning better money, thats for sure. It came down to me actually wanting to enjoy life, have financial flexibility and not be broke and depressed anymore.

Your stage performances are really impressive, do you create these yourself or do you work with a choreographer?

Thanks! I created them all myself, from the music, costume, props stage lighting and dance moves, I made them all myself. I remember when I first got to Vegas, I sat down with our lighting technician in the theatre, and we spent 6 hours programming my routines stage lighting, it was intense. 

What about your costumes, who does them?

Yea, so think up and source all my costumes myself. However i have a tailor I use for the alterations (to make them rip off, velcro, press studs, etc).

Did you have any dancing experience before you started as a stripper?

No, I didn’t have any experience at all. The most relevant experience I had was acting experience, which in my opinion, is just as important as dancing experience. I learnt my dancing from surrounding myself with dancers – living with them, partying with them (as in dancing with them in clubs), and just hanging out with them in general. I’ve learnt more from immersing myself in the dancers world as opposed to just doing classes. 

You have traveled and worked in over 20 countries, thats more then any other male and female stripper I know about. What has brought you around so much?

Its been a product of working with any different male revues around the world. Adonis Cabaret, Bad Boys Australia, Hunkmania Melbourne and Aussie Heat Las Vegas. These shows decide to tour every now and then. It’s defiantly one of th perks of the job.

Whats your favourite working destination and what has been your best ever show experience?

My favourite place to perform is Las Vegas. it’s the dream location for any entertainer. Not only is it consistently busy, but it’s full of opportunity and connections with other people in the industry. My best ever show experience was probably the aussie heat media launch night. It was the official opening night for aussie heat. I enjoyed being able to help a show establish itself in a competitive market in Las Vegas. We have over 200 reporters and people from the media in the crowd. 

You also run an agency for male strippers, tell us about that?

Yes, It’s based in Gold Coast, Australia. And In 2019 I’m looking to expand the agency nationwide. We represent male strippers and send them to peoples hotel/house/venue. I’m settling down now and buying a house here in Gold Coast, so I mainly just do private bookings now. Running an agency is stressful and hard work but returns great profit, and is a good option to make a permanent career in this industry. Here you can see Gold Coast Male strippers listing

Whats the best advice you can give to any guy who wants to start up as a male stripper?

Focus on having a great, fun, playful personality. Really let it shine during the show. Don’t take yourself to seriously as a male stripper, it’s all about fun. Women want to be entertained. So have lot’s of energy and show lot’s of your personality. It’s also super important to quickly understand what your audience wants from you as an entertainer, and being able to give exactly what they want and expect to them. 

Tommy is offering online courses for male strippers You can book a video chat with him directly here:


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