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The dance agency that teaches strippers to be better sellers.

June 12, 2018

Exclusive Dance Recruitment Cape Town

Exclusive Dance Recruitment is an agency who are doing more then just provide adult entertainment. The owner Chris, is a former sales trainer and this knowledge he is using to train the dancers to become super sellers. Read this interesting interview that did with him.


Tell me about your background and how you started up Exclusive Dance Recruitment ?

About 5 or 6 years ago, I was visiting a club close to where I lived, and I was watching the girls approach potential customers. It was so bad that I started laughing out loud. The manager looked at me and I said, “You need to train theses girls how to get customers. They are chasing them away.” I mentioned that I was a sales trainer and if he wanted me to help the girls, he should call me. 

A few months later, the manager approached me and invited me for a meeting. He then asked me if I could help the girls. My drunken promise had come back to bite me on the ass. 

I had previously designed a sales methodology called “Frame Persuasion Dynamics.” It is a powerful, proven methodology that gives you superior selling and persuasion skills. I had trained sales people in a business environment, but this would be my first experience with strippers..  This was new to me and I was nervous, but it wasn’t long before I realized that selling a private dance was the same as selling any other product.  

The dancers attended my “Frame Persuasion Dynamics” course and their ability to seduce clients skyrocketed! They followed the system instead of going for the hard-sell. They learnt to hustle like professionals.  

The girls kept telling me that I was good at this job and that I knew more about how to get clients than they did. They repeatedly said, “Chris, you should be an agent because you are really good at this.” I just laughed it off and took it as a compliment. 

After a few years, I was looking for a new challenge, I thought to myself that perhaps I should give this agency idea a go.

EXCLUSIVE DANCE RECRUITMENT has a been a wonderful success story and I am pleased that I finally listened to the girls and opened the agency. Now I train, support and recruit the girls. 

An interview with Chris from Exclusive Dance RecruitmentWhat kind of adult entertainment does your agency offer?

EXCLUSIVE DANCE RECRUITMENT provides job opportunities for professional strippers, pole and lap dancers. We give young women access to the most successful and powerful sales and seduction course, allowing them to seduce the “BIG” spenders. We offer dancing lessons and provide them with all the support they need to become tremendously successful!

​We provide a supportive and positive experience in which girls are empowered to develop their skills, resulting in greater self-confidence, financial independence and personal growth. We thrive on being their first-choice agent and providing them with a dynamic, high-value service.

Do you supply dancers to strip clubs?

Yes, we assist international exotic dancers and strippers, by connecting them to upmarket strip clubs in South Africa. We take care of our dancers to ensure they have a pleasant and profitable adventure. 

When is the busiest time of the year and what type of shows are being booked at this time?

Dancers can make money all year in South Africa because there is an exclusive, upmarket business community and a steady flow of wealthy tourists. Business and pleasure blend easily with a steady stream of “BIG SPENDERS” especially in the award-winning, popular, tourist destination of Cape Town.

In Cape Town, the clubs are busiest in the summer months because it is a popular, holiday and tourist destination. Cape Town is at its busiest from November to March and a popular destination for international Girls.  They chose Cape Town because the money is good, and Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful City with Table Mountain and amazing beaches. Making money while enjoying the African summer sun during the European winter, is a good decision for business and pleasure. 

Dancers can also make good money during the off-peak season in Cape Town. Many dancers prefer to work in the quieter months because there is less competition. The clubs are quieter but there is still money to be made from the local business community. 

In Johannesburg, there is no off season because it is a business city and therefore busy all year round. It is the financial capital of Southern Africa and known as the City of Gold because of the wealth that has been created from the gold mines. Although Johannesburg is a wealthy city, most international Dancers prefer Cape Town because Johannesburg has a reputation for being dangerous, with a high crime rate. That said, it is an exciting place and the money is good for dancers who are brave enough to follow the money. 

There are smaller clubs in Durban and Port Elizabeth that rely mainly on the locals for business. Most of the international dancers prefer to Cape Town and some make their way to Johannesburg. 

How would you say that the Strip industry in South Africa is? Is it many serious and professional people involved?

South Africa used to be an extremely conservative country and the stripping industry had a negative stigma. Today, this has changed, and more and more people are embracing the art of stripping. Strip clubs have become a great place to go for fun and entertainment. The stigma has been removed and strip clubs are being frequented by all walks of life; not just horny or lonely men.

It has become more and more common, for couples to visit the strip clubs for a different experience and some fun. Often groups of straight girls will visit a strip club for a wild, girls’ night out. Guys will openly brag they were at a strip club the night before. This was not the case a few years back. 

The flood of international professional strippers has raised the standards in the South African stripping industry. The local dancers have been forced to improve their skills on the pole and learn how to compete in a competitive market. Pole dancing studios have become popular with local girls for fun, to keep fit, and perhaps to enable them to become a professional dancer! 

The stigma attached to stripping is stripping away in South Africa. The new generation of South African knows that to be a stripper, you need to beautiful, talented, and courageous. Strippers have become an enigma that are admired and respected. 

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